Environment exploration, orientation tour

In the exploratory phase you want to know more about living and working in the Netherlands, before you make a radical decision to relocate. In this phase we recommend to book an orientation tour with Holland Relocation. We inform you extensively and adapted to your situation about what working and living in the Netherlands means. We will discuss how public transport works, as well as housing options, inclusive of model homes, visit schools if desired and show the surroundings we know like the back of our hand.

The Netherlands is a small country but has many differences. Well-intended advice from colleagues doesn’t necessarily have to apply to the situation of an expat.

An orientation tour with one of the experienced consultants of Holland Relocation can be very enlightening as starting point for a possible relocation.

Enjoy your stay! Is our starting point in every respect.

orientation tour 4 hours inclusive of transport from and to hotel
€ 525,00
Canva Oude Tonge Goeree Overflakkee South Holland The Netherlands Europe