A citizen service number (also known as a BSN) is a personal registration number that you need for all interaction with the Dutch authorities.

A citizen service number is provided by the municipality after registration. Depending on the municipality of registration, the citizen service number will be provided directly or sent within a certain period.
A citizen service number is also required to open a bank account. If you stay in the Netherlands for less than 4 months but need a social security number, it is possible to register with certain municipalities in an RNI register, Register Non Inhabitants.
Holland Relocation can guide this process, makes arrangements and goes along with the agreement to make the process run smoothly.

If you move with children, choosing the right school is very important. For example, there are possibilities to register your child at an international school or a local school. The best choice here depends on the duration of the broadcast, the age of the children and the prospects and follow-up of broadcasts worldwide.
Here at Holland Relocation, we can be of valuable help, we look for the right schools and daycare, make appointments and help you with the registration.

The 30% ruling is a compensation for expats to compensate for their extraterritorial costs. Whether you qualify for this depends on a number of factors, the salary, but also the former location and earlier residence in the Netherlands.
Holand Relocation checks whether you are eligible and arranges the application for you in collaboration with the employer.

One of the most important but also time-consuming activities before you can move is finding the right home.
A search in an overheated housing market with a large shortage of housing can be immensely frustrating. For some houses a measurement time of waiting lists is required, other offers from the private market are offered in group viewings at a certain time and the choice of tenant is up to the owner.
Also, pay attention to the offer on some websites that show properties that are not available at all but only serve as a lure for a down payment.
Holland Relocation knows the housing market like no other and can guide you through this minefield to the right home.
Either through a full-service search, they are with remote support.

Relocating to a foreign country with a different culture can be quite daunting. Even if the cultural differences are not that significant at first sight, the practice can show otherwise.
Good preparations are key. With an orientation tour in the vicinity of your new location and extensive information about matters that are important to you, we can help you make the right choice. Holland Relocation has a successful orientation module and very  experienced consultants who can provide you with this valuable information.